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our cases
our cases
java development
UI/UX design
Дія Business Ternopil
The Educational Platform Center provides access to educational materials, online courses, and learning programs for a comprehensive learning experience.
West Digital Ukraine business card site
The project office is creating innovation centers in Western Ukraine. Our goals are digital transformation, digitalization and economic development of the region.
We create a logo for each company. Let's highlight your personality and peculiarity.
Energy Site is a Software Platform that provides complete visibility of the energy management data through.
DCS provides a 360-degree physical-to-logical view of the data center environment. The software platform is a Data Center Infrastructure Management solution
Website Design of SmartPayNow
Allows healthcare practices to setup payment plans and get paid through scheduled credit card and ACH payments.
VCUBE sets an entirely new standard for PaaS. VCUBE is best described as a multi-service or multi-product container that does all the heavy lifting in virtualization and provisioning.
Unity's software makes it easier for organizations to manage hundreds of business applications in the Enterprise Cloud environment.
EMC xCelerated Management System (xMS) for Documentum is software for automatic deployment application Documentum (electronic document management system manufactured by EMC Corp.) in the virtual infrastructure.
Vixtera corporate website
Vixtera provides industrial enterprises with out-of-the-box operational experience delivering broad and robust device, event and data management, automated mass installation and scalable deployment governed from unified management console. It helps to detect the anomalies promptly identifying its root cause and chain of associated events prompted the problems helping to prevent potential failures, breakdowns and costly track rolls.
Project is the next evolution of the VMC architecture that focuses on improving the resiliency, quality, scale, pace of delivery, and operational overhead of the existing VMC control plane
Map Viser Web App
Mapviser is a directory with a map and navigator. It helps you to search over three choices that satisfy by your specific need. The application knows how to enter into 2.5 million companies.
Top Estate Branding
The corporate identity of the TOP Estate real estate agency embodies the image of a modern enterprise, combining reliability and innovation. The color scheme, set of fonts and outlines of the logo, despite the severity and brevity, look original and fresh against the background of other NA.
Branding for Steak-bar Parkking
With the new ParkKing steak bar, we decided to somehow combine online promotion and event management.
We create a logo for each company. Let's highlight your personality and peculiarity.
Jeka-shop sells women's clothing online. The entire range of the store is always available in stock.
Freshstart - Branding
FreshStart came to us with an idea to develop a logo and company identity. The main idea is to create a fresh and memorable style of the company and make a confident position all over the world.
Clearly Medical - #STAYHOME
The Clearly Medical Company has introduced competition into the healthcare environment by removing the perception of exclusivity without compromising the delivery of medical excellence to all its patients.
UP Charity - Brand Identity
Founded in 2019, Up charity is a Christian-themed foreign relief agency whose contributions consist of cash and donated goods for children. Our design team should create remarkable logo with deeply sense of sociality and bringing people together. Also the design of promotion and marketing products were created.
Wednesday Coworking site
A full-fledged design service from A to Z, which includes all the stages of creating a company style. Interior design, creating a website, branded products, and giving a prevailing holistic mood to the entire user experience.
Healthcare Billing is a multi-tenant web-based information system designed for the United States and Canada private medical offices. It includes "Smart Pay" methodology - an innovative in mentioned countries marketing approach, used for cost reimbursement of medical services.
Motorider - E-commerce Website
Motorider, e-commerce project for motorcycles dealer.
Design for MexBS
Over 10 Magento Marketplace approved extensions and 3 years on the market, we deliver premium quality extensions and put our customers first.
Pacem Hotel Concept
While designing is being created we were inspired by Rome's spirit and history. We tried to pass priceless pacification inspired by thr city in the title, giving the hotel the beautiful name "PACEM" which in Latin means "peace".
Vixtera vEDGE
The vEDGE is a considerable feat of engineering delivering out-of-the-box operational experience with broad and robust device, event and data management, automated mass installations and maintenance, and a unified Single Pane of Glass dashboard.