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Healthcare Billing is a multi-tenant web-based information system designed for the United States and Canada private medical offices. It includes "Smart Pay" methodology - an innovative in mentioned countries marketing approach, used for cost reimbursement of medical services. At this moment, this approach is used in more than five dental offices from USA and this number is growing. Healthcare Billing System provides an instrument to medical offices for recovering treatment costs from patients, based on flexible payment plan named “Smart Pay”. The system was designed to be deployed on different operation system like Windows, Linux, MacOS. Uses Java, Spring, ExtJS development technologies and provide the ability to end user to connect to the system using mobile and desktop browsers. Healthcare Billing System allows using different payment systems for client charging as PayPal, Autorize.NET, Retrieval, other. Software uses various notification methods like email, SMS, and others. The product was released in February 2015 and in November 2015 version 1.2 will be available.

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