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Product companies and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are under constant release pressure. They strive for market expansion, more robust feature sets, and face the typical constraints of decreasing profitability, increasing competition, lack of skilled resources, and rising costs.


Key challenges include:

Time-to-market: You have 6-9 month to deliver a new release. You need a team of the right size and expertise. It can take you up to a year to approve, hire and train a productive team.

Quality: Support and maintenance cost is directly related to product quality. To deliver a quality release you need proper architecture, high-level design, continues integration etc. Achieving high product quality requires resources with high seniority and expertise.

Technology Choices: You are struggling to choose the best platform to build you product. Selecting a server platform, UI framework, etc. require time and effort to evaluate. The obvious choices during evaluation may become a problem at latter stages of the release. It is important to make decisions based on prior production expertise.

When building an application or working on the creation of a ground-breaking product, or an innovative software solution, time to market, product quality and a stellar user experience are imperative. Uncertainty about in-house capabilities requires a partner who can step in and tackle the challenges seamlessly.


Insoft Global’s services address the critical development road-blocks for:

– Independent Software Vendors

– Software-as-a-Service Providers

– Companies whose services and products rely heavily on software technologies


Insoft Global’s unique “Rent-A-Product-Team” approach offers teams of highly experienced professionals, assembled in functional units, complete with Project Managers, Architects, Technical Leads, server-side and UI developers, and QA and infrastructure engineers with the proper on-site/off-shore balance.

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Insoft Global specializes in agile product development, with significant impact on:

– Requirements clarityArchitecture and high-level design

– Efficient platform selection

– Continuous integration and a “quality first” approach

– Timely implementation

– Proper test coverage

– Knowledge transfer, training and mentoring

All team members have consistently worked together on a variety of products, achieving proven, outstanding results in challenging technical and organizational environments using various methodologies, ranging from waterfall to agile.


Insoft Global’s proven methodology, IP protection, and high standards of quality assurance translate to successful product implementations with high ROI.

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