Chisinau, MD

Moldavian team Insoft (Insoft Global) works in Chisinau – at the heart of the Republic of Moldova. Chisinau’s IT industry is presented by more than 50 companies and startups employing 7.6 thousand specialists.

Industry demonstrates the progressive results and is actively developing – according to the Strategy of development of the Republic’s of Moldova IT marked, the number of employees in the industry until 2021 will increase from 7.6 thousand to 18 thousand people. Current revenue of the IT-industry is estimated at 70 million, in export – 62.5 million dollars per year.

More than 10 specialized institutions of higher education, special government programs are involved in the training of IT professionals at Chisinau. In September 2014 at the Technical University, with the support of USAID, Microsoft, IBM and the Association of Private IT-companies of Moldova was founded the first in Moldova Center for Information Technology (Centru de Excelenţă în domeniul Tehnologiilor Informaţionale).

Moldavian office of Insoft (Insoft Global) is presented by the most qualified developers and specialists of Moldova’s IT market. Each employee has a high level of expertise, is constantly developing its technical and personal skills, performs a personal learning plan, held annually standardized qualification procedures. Skilled professionals provide quality products that meet all customer requirements.

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